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Why Choose Us

Our clients continue to choose us because are passionate about helping them to grow and succeed.
We are a full-service web design and we developement company based in Pune, India. However miles don't make a diference! Team 'MxiMZ' will reach out to empower you with a host of digital tools and strategies which work silently in the background while you lose no time from your actual core domain. We will , create, understand, idenify with, translate, implement and MAXIMIZE your vision with accuracy and power into a NEW MEDIA presence. Talk to us today, let's maximize your dream!

Web Design

The right website represents your identity aptly to your customers. How your website looks, feels and works goes a long way in impacting your virtual and real-time branding.
Is your virtual signature as distinctive and exclusive as you wish it to be?

Web Developing

Our cross-platform experts build websites, applying code to 'Form, Function and Design'.
We sweat the really small stuff, focussing on detail, testing and retesting it to ensure that your website runs like a dream!

Mobile Apps

Imagine this. Your brand living in your customers mobile, ever ready to respond instantly, at their finger-tips. That's pretty close!
Think 'MOBILITY'. Mobile is the PRESENT & the FUTURE. Get that additional address today!

Domains Booking & Hosting

It all starts with a domain. We work with you to identify and buy the best domain available.
No hassles end-to-end services is what it's all about. Avail hosting support to keep you connected with our maintenance team!

Online Marketing

Online marketing is already here..to stay. Are you losing out on the business? you don't have to be IT genius to generate business through the web. We are here. Let the experts build your e-marketing site for you. It is exponentially effective!

Maintenance & Upgrades

Websites or Mobile applications are dynamic entities which evolve with the clients' progress and changing tecnology. Receive the best possible maintenance and upgrade support 24x7. Being poised for scalability is a good thing!

SEO : Search Engine Optimisation

The web never sleeps! The secret to being visible is good ranking. Does your website receive traffic? Websites can be invisible without the right Search Engine Optimisation! Request for an 'WRE' (Website Ranking Evaluation) for your site from us!

SMO : Social Media Optimisation

Concentrated social media participation of people in social media provides a very powerful web-marketing platform. The people become catalyst, sharing products and services information within the community, often making them viral.

Collaterals & Marketing

Blogs, Articles, Editorial
Pay Per Click
Evaluation Analytics
Audio Visual web-presence
Banners, Newsletters, Mails, SMS, Co-branding excerises
Plug-In' & Website Integration

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